One tool, many devices

Network device configuration tool with templates, validation scripts, and more!

Auto-Config is our productivity-focused hardware configuration tool. After seeing our technicians hassle with several software suites to configure numerous different devices; Nexxtgen thought there must be a better way. Auto-Config was devised by our Software/Network experts to super-charge our network configuration process.

Forget manually typing out individual commands for each device. Provide a config file and Auto-Config will handle the rest. It’s as simple as power, connect, configure.

Do you use a configuration template for multiple identical devices? Write your templates and upload them to Auto-Config. Instead of having to manually edit your template per device Auto-Config will handle all the work. Write once, use infinitely.

Do you run validation script against your configured devices? Auto-Config has you covered with our validation suite. With a click of a button Auto-Config will run your script and save the output to file.

Supported Devices

  • Most Cisco routers and switches
  • Sierra Wireless cellular modems
  • Palo Alto firewalls
  • Opengear terminal servers
Auto-Config provides built-in validation scripts to ensure configurations stick

Validation Scripts

Auto-Config supports many network enabled devices

Supported Devices

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