NexxtGen provides comprehensive solutions for Oil and Gas, Utilities and Renewable Energy. Check out the information below about how we can help you improve your current projects or build a new one to fit the demands of your growing company!

Oil & Gas

Our dedicated team of well-trained field technicians can provide field installation and maintenance services same-day in most cases and within 24-48 hours for less critical cases. NexxtGen handles tower building from concept to completion and management. We’ve also recognized the importance for tower light monitoring and have developed a system to make the process even easier...

Renewable Energy

New advances in technology brings opportunities for those working in the oil and gas industry both for increasing business productivity, profit and decreasing carbon footprint. Upgrading equipment and software to monitor every aspect of the process and analyzing them will find ways to increase the performance of your business. Having the ability to view the entire process and every detail affords a more proactive stance...

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