Nexxtgen builds the foundation for communication

Our team has a wealth of experience in tower building for telecommunications across the US and Canada. Our expertise allows us to handle projects of any scope and size from start to finish and beyond. We’re there every step of the way to complete any requirements your project may need.

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Available anywhere

Nexxtgen has worked with customers across North America with land acquisition and tower site development. We'll work with any local city, county, and state zoning and permitting requirements to get the job done. Nexxtgen can also file for FAA and FCC approval and any other government requirements.

High quality service from start to finish


High quality service from start to finish


Tower light monitoring

Nexxtgen recognizes safety of air travel is very important. It's difficult to physically monitor towers to make sure their lighting system is operable. Nexxtgen has developed a system that will notify required parties and you in the event of tower light failure and once it's repaired. We'll handle the entire process for you.


Service when you need it

Emergencies can and will happen. We understand that many are due to acts of nature or component failure. Having Nexxtgen's expertise at your service will decrease performance delay or further loss of revenue. No matter how big the emergency, responsive crew will be readily available.

Tower Inspection

Here at Nexxtgen, we know that being proactive about routine inspection on your system is cost-effective and is key to reducing any damages and injuries that can occur on the job site. It is recommended that all structures be routinely inspected every 2 years for any structural damage. We'll perform complete site audits, tailored to fit your needs -- discovering any potential issues before they develop into major issues. Nexxtgen will also provide any repairs and modifications. Our inspection services include (but are not limited to):

Check to make sure bolts are tightened and for any rusting that could compromise your tower

Assess guyed wire tension, check tower plumbing and anchors for possible movement and rust

Inspect lights for surface or underlying corrosion, damage, bolts missing and/or loose

Make sure your tower is up to specifications especially if you've added weight to it post construction

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